Authentic Mumbai Restaurants: part 1

I had always heard that Mumbai is a foodie’s paradise. From the famous street food to specialty joints to a variety of Michelin-starred restaurants, there are a number of places that are absolutely a must try if you want to feel like you’ve just had something that really teased, pleased and satiated your taste buds.

On my numerous visits to the city, I could never understand people’s unwavering affection with Mumbai. But that feeling has retired now. The love is for the places in and around Mumbai, and, it’s for the food! Tagging along with a partner willing to take us on gluttonous sojourns, the dormant foodie in me arose and together we formed some of the tastiest memories of recent times.

Below is a list of places that I developed a love-hate relationship with, for I deeply relished their food and in return they made me gain weight. They are not Leopold, Sassy Spoon or Candies, but authentic restaurants doing full justice to the cuisine they offer, do give THEM a try before others! 😉

  1. Britannia – This iconic Parsi restaurant is known to all. The owner, Kohinoor uncle, is happy to tell tales of his friendship with the royal family of Britain and a letter written to him by Hillary Clinton. He was also summoned recently by Prince William and Kate on their visit to Mumbai, and funnily enough, that day fell on a Sunday and he had to ask them to give him prior notice next time as Sunday is a holiday. Parsi swag there! Oh, and the famous chicken berry pulao with berries imported from Iran, and chicken dhansak!

    Berry pulao (photo courtesy : Burrp)
  2. Global Fusion – The buffet place with the highest spread of dishes that I have seen and yet so affordable. Serving a variety of Chinese and Japanese dishes along with the Indian cuisine, you get to try so many types of sushi here! Anything that you may want to eat is probably available here. Also, the dessert section has a dozen of ice-cream flavors from Baskin Robbins and various assorted cookies.

    Sushi spread! (photo courtesy : Zomato)
  3. Coffee by Di Bella – This Australian cafe is among the best places in town to have waffles. Get your hands dirty with Ferraro Rocher and Nutella waffles served with vanilla and chocolate dips. Warm, gooey sweetness!

    Tastiest Ferraro Rocher waffles…! (photo courtesy : Zomato)
  4. Yauatcha – Michelin starred restaurant from London, this Chinese restaurant is one for fine dining lovers. More on the expensive side, and more about the experience rather than trying to fill up your stomach and going broke, it has amazing dimsums, duck rolls and macarons. Even the chicken was so tender and succulent, it almost melted inside the mouth. If you’re lucky like us, you might be able to talk the manager into giving you free extra pieces of your favorite thing; for us that was a duck roll and three different macarons! 🙂

    Duck rolls, dimsums, et cetera (photo courtesy :
  5. Hotel Sunny – Saving the best for the last, this is the one I still crave for after months of leaving Mumbai. Having gone to many breakfasts, lunches, dinners and buffets in restaurants of all categories, this humble joint situated in a not so attractive area simply wins it for me. One of the best places probably to have Kerala cuisine, in India, after Kerala. 😀 They serve no nonsense, reasonably priced, absolutely tasty food. Chicken biryani, Surmai fry, spl. Kerala paratha, chicken Chettinad, and I’m still so nostalgic.

    Malabar Chicken curry (photo courtesy : Hotel Sunny’s FB page)

The list is just half and the post already looks long. This calls for a part 2!


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