Run, ride, fly – Gul Panag!

Gul Panag
Gul Panag

I am in love with this lady!

Before this sounds like some crazy confession, here are my points:

1. She loves Himachal Pradesh as well as Himalayas. I simply love her for loving what I love.

2. She’s a celebrity with her head on her shoulders. She knows how to use her stature for the right thing. Whether it’s running an NGO for promoting gender equality, addiction awareness, education, employment and disaster management or inspiring people on twitter by conversing with them and not having any starry air around her, she is one sensible woman who is approachable and has a rightly deserving mass appeal.

3. She is a true adrenaline junkie. Been to just too many places, drives better than most of the men, flies a plane, rides an Enfield, robust aviator-ed look 😉 …What’s there to not like about her?

In a world where very high importance is given to women like Christine Lagarde, Kiran Bedi, etc. (who are valuable) women like Gul Panag find a different way of being influential by not playing by the rules. Different people admire different values, and I choose to look upto Gul, for she simply personifies the idea of freedom and adventure obscure to many.

Fan girl!


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  1. I am thinking absolutely same….😊😊😊😍😘

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